It started with a dream.

We're Joyce and Ed, life long buddies and long time kitchen colleagues, both with a strong passion for food and travels.

While happily working side by side, little seeds started to grow, adventure we said, conquer the world we said and we kept on dreaming, till one day.

That one day, our lives turned around 360 degrees, there it was, suddenly, out of the blue, we got the opportunity to start our own little restaurant in the country we both fell in love with, Thailand.

Not just anywhere in Thailand, but in those days still a hidden gem, Koh Lanta.

And off we went, with a backpack full of music, recipes, hopes and ideas.

That was 2003 and here we are, established and all, still working happily side by side, keeping that dream alive.

Now, more importantly, who and what we are grown in to as a restaurant and we have to offer you.

In the old days, when we were still a hidden jungle style restaurant, we knew there was a growing need for the more western palate but didn't want to serve the regular fair.

Slowly, that grew into a more of a small plates style restaurant which gave us a canvas to offer the more classics as well as the opportunity to experiment with more outgoing tastes the culinary world has to offer.

It's a way of eating that is really, as with many Thai people, close to our heart, having a table full of tasty little dishes to share with our loved ones.

Nowadays, we're located in a much more contemporary setting on a prime location in the heart of a little bustling area.

Beside a nice range of main courses, we are still running strong on the small plates concept.

Regularly innovating and always looking forward, something to satisfy every taste or dietary preference.

We hope to welcome you soon.

Meet the leading ladies from our front of house, Jacky, Nan and Loeked.

Jacky runs the bar so you won't get thirsty and she is looking after your bill as well.

Nan and Loeked are running the floor and are more than happy to take your orders or answer all your questions.

All 3 are Red Snapper family for a long time and happy to make your evening a joyfull one.